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  • You can create your own favorite letter set using Japanese-style paper.

    Product review

    I’ve made a letter set using Japanese-style paper designed for writing in kana characters. These papers often feature beautiful patterns and have a calming atmosphere. If you can’t find a letter set that you like, I hope you’ll give this one a try.

    Materials Needed (Produces 4 Standard Size Envelopes and 3 Sheets of Writing Paper)

    • Japanese-style paper for kana writing: 2 sheets (Half-sized paper version)
    • Folding pattern (Please draft and create on a separate sheet as shown in the diagram below)
    • Simple backing paper: 1 sheet (Not necessary if using opaque paper like roll paper. Doubling up two sheets of paper is also acceptable.)

    ■Here’s how to make it:

    1. Cut the half-sized paper in half. Out of the four resulting sheets, use three for writing paper and one for the envelope. (If the paper for writing is thin, you may want to reinforce it with backing paper.)
    2. Fold along the fold lines drawn on the paper along with the folding instructions.
    3. Apply glue to the envelope portion and seal it.

    This time, I used the popular Asuka paper, which is also popular among calligraphers. It comes in 5 colors and 5 patterns, so you can make 5 different kinds of writing paper from one pack! I tried writing on it, and it was very easy to write with a ballpoint pen, brush pen, or small brush.

    You can see a list of half-sized paper versions on the website.

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