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  • Discover New Ways to Enjoy Seal Materials!? Introduction to “Appreciation Seal Materials”

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    Enjoying Seal Materials Through Appreciation

    In addition to carving and touching seal materials, there is another way to enjoy them: through “appreciation.” This involves admiring the beauty of the carving on the handle string of the seal, as well as the patterns delicately carved to match the texture of the stone. In this article, we will introduce the seal material collection kept secret by Shoyu.

    For those who want to enjoy appreciation! Basic Knowledge of Seal Materials
    1)Types and Names of Stones Seal materials come in various types such as Jushan, Fuyuseki, and Xiaohuaishi, each named after the location where it was mined.

    2)What Makes a Stone Valuable? Among them, stones with a “moist texture,” “fine grain,” and “translucency” are considered high-quality and command high prices.

    3)Introduction to the Most Effective Stones Furthermore, the pinnacle of seal materials, known as the “Three Treasures of Seal Materials,” are “Tanhuang Stone,” “Chicken Blood Stone,” and “Fuyu Stone.” Tanhuang stones are prized for their patterns resembling red streaks or the cross-section of a radish, with a yellowish skin on the surface being desirable. These stones are now considered rare and are not commonly found on the market.

    As Shoyu’s collection lacks documentation from ancient times, the identification of stones is not certain. However, each stone and carving in the collection is beautiful in its own right. We hope you enjoy them.

    View the entire collection of appreciation seal materials here.

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