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  • The selection of materials for sutra copying and a beginner’s set


    If you have all the tools for copying sutras, you can write every day.

    “When starting sutra copying, you may wonder what you need to prepare. Besides the basic brush and paper, I will introduce additional tools to make sutra copying more convenient and enjoyable.

    • Sutra Copying Paper – Choose the appropriate paper that suits your writing instrument. If using a brush or brush pen, select paper that does not bleed, such as torinoko or kana paper. For beginners, recommended paper includes sutra copying paper with ruled lines and paper with the Heart Sutra as a model.

      mini写経用紙(手本付) 20枚入


      販売価格 (税込):378円


      写経用紙 純美濃雁皮 30枚


      販売価格 (税込):907円


    • Sutra Copying Brushes – Sturdy brushes made of rabbit hair, such as “Touhitsu” or “Jakutouhitsu,” which can hold plenty of ink, are recommended. For those who are not familiar with brushes, brush pens are also okay!

      写巻 朱管筆


      販売価格 (税込):414円


      写経筆 小 秀筆堂


      販売価格 (税込):1,059円


      あかしや新毛筆 SA300


      販売価格 (税込):226円


    • Sutra Copying Ink – For sutra copying, high-quality oil soot ink or sumi ink is recommended. Sumi ink has a pleasant fragrance, and you can expect a relaxing effect while grinding the ink.

      五星 紅花墨 1.5丁型 日本製墨製


      販売価格 (税込):1,544円


      写経用墨 0.7丁型 古梅園製


      販売価格 (税込):1,965円


      写経墨純黒 1.5型 古梅園製


      販売価格 (税込):


    • Sutra Copying Ink Liquid – For those who find it challenging to grind ink every time, sutra copying ink liquid is recommended. Using this liquid makes preparation and arrangement much easier.

      三歌仙(写経・芳名) 50cc


      販売価格 (税込):907円


      開明 写経墨汁


      販売価格 (税込):378円




      販売価格 (税込):604円


    • Sutra Copying Inkstone (Suzuri) – Since only a small amount of ink is needed for sutra copying, a portable inkstone of about 3 to 4 inches is recommended. Some inkstones come in cute shapes that fit in the palm of your hand and are housed in wooden boxes. Look for your favorite one.

      宋抗端渓硯 中国刻 3吋


      販売価格 (税込):3,217円


      老坑 天然硯 3吋


      販売価格 (税込):7,395円


      麻子坑 天然硯 4吋


      販売価格 (税込):5,764円


    • Sutra Copying Ink Container (Sumisashi) – This is a dedicated container for dispensing ink liquid. You can also use small dishes or similar items you have at home as substitutes.”

      Ink Container»


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