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  • Introducing Backing Methods and Special Backing Paper!

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    We’ve received a new stock of special backing paper that allows for easy backing using just an iron and a spray bottle. Backing helps prevent wrinkles and sagging in your artworks, providing reinforcement. Have you ever created a piece of art that turned out beautifully but is just sitting there untouched? Well, if you back your well-done artworks, you can display them whenever you like. In this guide, we’ll introduce how to use backing paper, so please give it a try.

    What You’ll Need:

    • Backing Paper (For framing, we recommend thick paper; for scroll mounting, thin paper)
    • Iron
    • Spray bottle
    • Utility knife
    • A surface to use while spraying and ironing
    1. Stretch Your Artwork Flip your artwork over and evenly mist it with the spray bottle to ensure no unevenness. Allow it to dry until wrinkles are no longer present (about 10-15 minutes).

    2. Attach the Backing Paper With the artwork still facing down, move it to an ironing board. Prepare a piece of backing paper the same size as your artwork or slightly larger, ensuring the glossy side is facing the back of your artwork.

    3.Iron It On Use a Teflon-coated iron set to medium to high heat (around 130 degrees Celsius). Starting from the center of the paper, gently press from the center towards the right and then from the center towards the left, ensuring there are no air bubbles or shifting. After one pass, iron again to prevent unevenness. Once finished, let it sit for about 5 minutes until the temperature cools down.

    4.Finish It Up Trim any excess paper using a utility knife. If you plan to display your artwork, place it in a scroll mounting or a frame, and it’s ready! Note: If you don’t allow the artwork to dry properly after misting, it may lead to damage or poor adhesion. Be careful not to over-dry, as this can cause wrinkles. If warping or bending occurs after adhesion, apply weight using books or similar items. It should flatten out and look clean after about 3 hours.


    You can find a complete list of art materials here.

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