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  • The daily stress eases away. Through copying scriptures, the mind becomes light and cheerful.

    Column, Shakyo

    In recent years, copying scriptures (Shakyō) has been gaining popularity, especially among women.

    Copying scriptures has been loved by people since ancient times, and it has been widely studied as a valuable material for learning the art of calligraphy due to its ease of practice. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of Shakyō, saying that it helps them feel refreshed and uplifted. This trend has become particularly popular among women.

    Originally, Shakyō has been practiced as part of Buddhist practitioners’ training.

    The goal of Shakyō is to cultivate a pure and serene mind, and it has been practiced as a form of training within Buddhism by transcribing Buddhist scriptures. By copying the teachings onto Shakyō paper, one can dispel impure thoughts and regain the inherent stability of the mind, leading to an opportunity to recognize the purity within oneself.

    The highly positive effects of Shakyō include:

    Shakyō, which can be started easily, is believed to have numerous benefits across various areas. Practitioners experience positive changes such as mental relief, potential dementia prevention, improved handwriting, and better posture.

    Shakyō, with a focus on mental detoxification and brain activation, has been gaining attention.

    Effect of Shakyō 1: Effective for Dementia Prevention and Improvement

    Shakyō is believed to be effective for preventing and improving dementia. By enhancing concentration and exercising memory, it is thought to activate the brain and promote healthy cognitive functions. Additionally, it contributes to mental relaxation and stress reduction, potentially reducing the risk of dementia.

    Effect of Shakyō 2: Achieving a Stress-Free Daily Life

    Shakyō is effective in achieving a stress-free daily life by promoting mental stability and relaxation. The act of meticulously transcribing characters helps calm the mind and alleviate daily stress and anxiety. It brings about a sense of well-being and contributes to maintaining a peaceful state of mind.

    Effect of Shakyō 3: Boosting Favorability with Beautiful Handwriting and Posture!

    Shakyō has the effect of increasing favorability from others through the improvement of beautiful handwriting and posture. The practice of meticulously writing characters not only enhances the beauty and style of one’s writing but also helps improve posture. This, in turn, reflects a confident and attractive demeanor, leading to positive evaluations from others.


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